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AS Number Listing Study
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AS1     LVLT-1 - Level 3 Communications, Inc.,US
AS2     UDEL-DCN - University of Delaware,US
AS3     MIT-GATEWAYS - Massachusetts Institute of Technology,US
AS4     ISI-AS - University of Southern California,US
AS5     SYMBOLICS - Symbolics, Inc.,US
AS6     BULL-HN - Bull HN Information Systems Inc.,US
AS7     UK Defence Research Agency,GB
AS8     RICE-AS - Rice University,US
AS9     CMU-ROUTER - Carnegie Mellon University,US
AS10    CSNET-EXT-AS - CSNET Coordination and Information Center (CSNET-CIC),US
AS11    HARVARD - Harvard University,US
AS12    NYU-DOMAIN - New York University,US
AS13    DNIC-AS-00013 - Headquarters, USAISC,US
AS14    COLUMBIA-GW - Columbia University,US
AS16    LBL - Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,US
AS17    PURDUE - Purdue University,US
AS18    UTEXAS - University of Texas at Austin,US
AS19    LEIDOS-AS - Leidos, Inc.,US
AS20    UR - University of Rochester,US
AS21    RAND - The RAND Corporation,US
AS22    DNIC-AS-00022 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC),US
AS23    NISN-SIP-AS - National Aeronautics and Space Administration,US
AS24    AMES-NAS-GW - National Aeronautics and Space Administration,US
AS25    UCB - University of California at Berkeley,US
AS26    CORNELL - Cornell University,US
AS27    UMDNET - University of Maryland,US
AS28    DFVLR-SYS Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt,EU
AS29    YALE-AS - Yale University,US
AS30    SRI-AICNET - SRI International,US
AS31    CIT - California Institute of Technology,US
AS32    STANFORD - Stanford University,US
AS33    HP-DIGITAL-33 - Hewlett-Packard Company,US
AS34    UDELNET - University of Delaware,US
AS35    MITRE-AS-1 - The MITRE Corporation,US
AS36    EGP-TESTOR - SRI International,US
AS37    DNIC-AS-00037 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC),US
AS38    UIUC - University of Illinois,US
AS39    DNIC-AS-00039 - DoD Network Information Center,US
AS40    MIT-TEST - Massachusetts Institute of Technology,US
AS41    AMES - National Aeronautics and Space Administration,US
AS42    WOODYNET-1 - WoodyNet,US
AS43    BNL-AS - Brookhaven National Laboratory,US
AS44    S1-DOMAIN - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,US
AS45    LLL-TIS-AS - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory,US
AS46    RUTGERS - Rutgers University,US
AS47    USC-AS - University of Southern California,US
AS48    DNIC-AS-00048 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC),US
AS49    ICST-AS - National Bureau of Standards,US
AS50    ORNL-MSRNET - Oak Ridge National Laboratory,US
AS51    DNIC-AS-00051 - Headquarters, USAISC,US
AS52    UCLA - University of California, Los Angeles,US
AS53    NORTHROP-AS - Northrop Grumman Corporation - Automation Sciences Laboratory,US
AS54    DNIC-AS-00054 - Headquarters, USAISC,US
AS55    UPENN - University of Pennsylvania,US
AS56    DNIC-AS-00056 - DoD Network Information Center,US
AS57    NL-GIGAPOP - University of Minnesota,US
AS58    DREA-AS - Defence Research Establishment Atlantic,CA
AS59    WISC-MADISON-AS - University of Wisconsin Madison,US
AS60    AINET-AS60 - Advanced Information Technology Services, LLC,US
AS61    DEC-MARLBORO-AS - 754th Electronic Systems Group,US
AS62    CYRS - CyrusOne LLC,US
AS63    LL-MI - Massachusetts Institute of Technology,US
AS64    MITRE-AS-2 - The MITRE Corporation,US
AS65    AF-RASN-65 - 754th Electronic Systems Group,US
AS66    DNIC-AS-00066 - Headquarters, USAISC,US
AS67    SDC-PRC-AS - Unisys Corporation,US
AS68    LANL-INET-AS - Los Alamos National Laboratory,US
AS69    UPENN2 - University of Pennsylvania,US
AS70    NLM-GW - National Library of Medicine,US
AS71    HP-INTERNET-AS - Hewlett-Packard Company,US
AS72    SCHLUMBERGER-AS - Schlumberger Limited,US
AS73    WASHINGTON-AS - University of Washington,US
AS74    XDRENET-AS - Defence Research Establishment,CA
AS75    ANL-AS - Argonne National Laboratory,US
AS76    SDC-CAM-AS - Unisys Corporation,US
AS77    JHUAPL-AS - Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory,US
AS78    SYNTEGRA - Syntegra (USA), Inc.,US
AS79    DSPO-HC-AS - Los Alamos National Laboratory,US
AS80    GE-CRD - General Electric Company,US
AS82    TWG-DEMO-AS - The Wollongong Group,US
AS83    DNIC-AS-00083 - Headquarters, USAISC,US
AS84    DNIC-AS-00084 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC),US
AS85    AERO-NET - The Aerospace Corporation,US
AS86    CSC-300-AS86 - Computer Sciences Corporation,US
AS87    INDIANA-AS - Indiana University,US
AS88    PRINCETON-AS - Princeton University,US
AS89    DNIC-AS-00089 - Navy Network Information Center (NNIC),US
AS90    SUN-AS - Sun Microsystems, Inc.,US
AS91    RPI-AS - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,US
AS92    CLARKSON-AS - Clarkson University,US
AS93    NTTA-93 - NTT America, Inc.,US
AS94    DNIC-AS-00094 - Headquarters, USAISC,US
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