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2TDEA Two-key Triple Data Encryption Algorithm
3TDEA Three-key Triple Data Encryption Algorithm
AES Advanced Encryption Standard specified in FIPS197.
ANS American National Standard
ANSI American National Standards Institute
CA Certification Authority
CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRL Certificate Revocation List
DRBG Deterministic Random Bit Generator
DSA Digital Signature Algorithm specified in FIPS186
ECC Elliptic Curve Cryptography
ECDSA Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm specified in [ANSX9.62]
FFC Finite Field Cryptography
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standard
HMAC Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code specified in FIPS198
IFC Integer Factorization Cryptography
IV Initialization Vector
MAC Message Authentication Code
NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology
PKI Public-Key Infrastructure
POP Proof of Possession
RA Registration Authority
RBG Random Bit Generator
RNG Random Number Generator
RSA Rivest, Shamir, Adelman (an algorithm)
TDEA Triple Data Encryption Algorithm; Triple DEA
TLS Transport Layer Security


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[2]. http://csrc.nist.gov/groups/STM/cmvp/documents/140-1/140sp/140sp1047.pdf